We have proven methodology in integration processes and best management practices in the Industry

CMCG solutions guarantees positive result in profitability and
long-term sustainability

We are the ultimate thread that binds leading technologies, materials and clients with tailor-made
solutions in the construction industry for a better quality of life. With guaranteed positive result in profitability
and long-term sustainability, we aim to create innovating processes following LEED practices which reduce environmental impact.

Our key areas of expertise

Consult with CMCG in the Cement Industry

CMCG applies Total Productivity Optimization (TPO) to consult your business and maximize the results in structural cement design and civil labors, assemblage, operations management, and materials selection. Our consulting services provide a holistic approach for your cement business, supporting your project from beginning to end. We are your number one option to execute and consult any cement industry project, all within international standards.

Consult with CMCG in the Ready-Mix Industry

We offer integral solutions for your concrete business, with cutting- edge Ready-Mix designs and alternative product recommendations that reduce labor and materials costs. CMCG evaluates your concrete business with bottom line methodologies that seeks an initial analysis, solutions design, implementation, and coaching & support. Consult experts with knowledge, innovation, and proven efficiency about any engineering, process or machinery in the Ready-Mix Industry (Mixers, Pumps, Volumetric Trucks, Payloaders, and General Equipment).

Consult with CMCG in the Supplementary Cementitious Materials Industry

CMCG provides solutions with Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) – Our bet in a sustainable material for Green building construction and a more economic recycle material with greater strength and durability. For CMCG, sustainability means serving customers and growing their business while respecting the current and future needs of the environment, society, and the communities where we operate.

Consult with CMCG in the Mining & Geology Industry

CMCG offers specialized consulting in programmed design, feasibility, due diligence, mining, and leading environmental practices. Our staff and associates have considerable practical experience in Mineral Exploration, Resource Estimation, Mine Planning, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Assessment and Waste Management. Our capabilities include management of resource development projects from exploration to production while providing reporting compliant with International Standards.

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